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Amino Acids & Healthcare

L-Cysteine Hcl Monohydrate
Synonyms L-2-Amino-3-Mercaptopropanoic Acid Hydrochloride
CAS No. 7048-04-6
Specification Specific rotation[a]D20°            +5.5°~+7.0° 
State of solution,%            98.0 Min. 
Chloride(Cl),%            19.89 ~20.29 
Ammonium(NH4),%            0.02 Max. 
Sulfate(SO4),%            0.02 Max. 
Heavy Metals(Pb),ppm            10 Max. 
Arsenic(As2O3),ppm            1 Max. 
Other amino acids            Chromatographically not detectable 
Loss on drying,%            8.5 ~ 12.0 
Residue on ignition,%            0.10 Max. 
Assay,%            98.5~100.5 
Iron(Fe),ppm            10 Max. 
Application Used as healthcare and pharmaceutical intermediates.

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